Jason Isbell (The Egg)

The 400 Unit. With Craig Finn opening.

Sufjan Stevens (Palace Theater)

Finally a show that sounded good. Looked good too. Mostly covered the new album Carrie and Lowell.

21st Century Web Log

Pipe smoking man sitting on McCobb mid-century modern furniture.

Sounding Stone moves into the 21st century with a WordPress powered blog.  Blosxom scripts served us well since 2003, but it’s time to move on.  We are aware that no one reads web logs anymore, not that anyone read this one in the first place, but we refuse to give free content to Facebook so they can force crap on you using their interpretation of your underwear drawer.

Don’t worry, the quality of the inanity posted shall not change.

You may find previous posts in the Museum of Sounding Stone History.